Concept of our pavilion

THAILAND PAVILION : Mobility For The Future

Thailand Pavilion’s Architecture: The transformation of Iconic Welcoming Perspective from the Thai identity to contemporary architecture.

Over 150 years of personifying Thai identity at World Expos, Thailand’s pavilions have represented the Thai identity on the international stage from time to time. Notably, Thainess consists of architecture, handicrafts, and performing arts, recognised by people all over the world as proven by many awards.

For instance, in 1878, Siam was awarded the Grand Prix for fabrics and apparel at the exhibition in Paris. In 1904, Siam was granted around hundred awards from the exposition at Saint Louis, USA; this was the event where Siam won the most awards. The timeless and unforgettable design of the pavilion was also famous among visitors because it could superbly demonstrate the uniqueness of Thailand.

The conceptual design presentation of the Thailand Pavilion for Expo 2020 Dubai is challenging, as it should personify Thainess and create international visitors an impressive experience from the first glance. Therefore, the concept has collected and integrated memorable Thai characteristics with a contemporary design as follows:

  • “Gold” is the dominant color illustrating the value of Thai architecture. It is also used as an element of the spire to depict the significance of the building. For these reasons, the architect has selected gold to emphasize prominent aspects of the Thailand Pavilion.

  • The “Wai” is a beautiful Thai mannerism. One of its most important meanings, known worldwide, is Sawasdee, which means “Welcome” to the “Thailand Pavilion”. This renowned greeting is presented through distinctive and exclusive architectural elements of the building, especially an arched entrance similar to a person performing a Wai.

  • Additionally, the arched entrance symbolizes a specific characteristic of Thai architecture, such as the Chom Hae shape, like the pagoda of Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), or gable of a traditional Thai house.

  • The “Floral Garland” is the Thai art of floral arrangement, which has existed in Thailand for a very long time. As a symbol of “Warm Welcome”, fragrant flowers and leaves are arranged in a colorful and delicate circular band for use in auspicious occasions; for example, paying respect to the monks and paying respect to parents, senior relatives, and respectful persons. Floral garlands containing crown flowers or Luck Flower given the name as a homophone to Thai name of Dok Rak, are interwoven like floral curtains to decorate the pavilion.

Such an elegant and fine design illustrates the connecting minds of Thais in the digital age. In addition, the use of flowers for designing the Thailand Pavilion represents ongoing development, like spreading pollen for continuous growth. Composed of all the above elements, the Thailand Pavilion illuminates a harmonious blend of the cultural and architectural identities of Thailand.