“depa” reveals the winner of two awards, including Social’s Choice, In the competition for the design of the costumes for the Thailand Pavilion Ready for World Expo 2020 Dubai on the 20th October 2020

Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa), Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, announced the result of the Thai designer who won both the main competition, as well as Social’s Choice, in the World Expo 2020 Costume Design Contest, a competition to find Thai designers with the skills and creativity to demonstrate the uniqueness of Thailand’s stories, identity, charisma and capabilities in every dimension. The designers must be ready to continue to develop the design into the uniform of the Thailand Pavilion in the World Expo 2020 Dubai. The winners received a certificate of achievement, a return to ticket to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and tickets to World Expo 2020 Dubai, which starts on 20th October 2020.

Dr.Kasititorn Pooparadai Senior Executive Vice President – Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) and a member of the panel of judges said that “For the World Expo 2020 Dubai, Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa), Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, as the main organisers of this event, wanted to create engagement with the Thai people, especially the youth, as well as talented Thai designers. We wanted them to be proud to show their work on the global stage through the Thailand Pavilion. This was the inspiration for organizing the Thailand Pavilion costume design contest. There were 3 criteria in judging the designs: 1. The clear connection between the costume’s design and the theme and overall design of the Thailand Pavilion; 2. Designs with multiple dimensions, such as creativity and attractiveness of the design; 3. Designs that are practical and useable, including the choice of comfortable fabric that doesn’t crease easily and will last throughout the 6 months.”

Mr.Chanchai Sirikasemlert Executive Director of Thailand Textile Institute and a member of the panel of judges said that, “The criteria for consideration were: 1. How much research the designer did into the requirements and criteria for design, as well as how ready they were to design for the pavilion – we found that most designers did their homework prior to submission; 2. How successfully the designer was able to reflect the connections to the design of the pavilion, how well the costume was able to demonstrate a international Thai look, and how the costume is able to compliment the pavilion, making the entire pavilion look more attractive overall.

“In terms of how they’re able to demonstrate their creativity, the criteria for judging were: 1. Choice of fabric. Many people chose to use Thai silk, Thai patterns or traditional Thai “kamaa” fabric, all of which demonstrated creativity in the ways that designers tried to use them in the design. 2. The cutting, which are adapted from traditional Thai styles, and adjusted into something more modern to communicate to the world that we have modernized, and are not just represented by the same traditional costumes as the past. If both of these elements – the fabric and the cutting – are well-thought out and designed, then we can create something memorable for the world.”

For the last member of the panel, Pimsiri Nakswasdi founder of the fashion brand, The Parrot, said that, “Many of the entries to the competition today were able to meet the requirements since they were designed based on the pavilion itself. The staff who will be wearing the costumes will be standing there, representing Thai people, and therefore the costume should blend in well with the pavilion. Many of the designs entered into the competition were interesting. For designers,                I would like to encourage them to think about the functionality of the costumes – this is a good opportunity to actually create a real costume from the sketches that real people will be wearing. The members of staff may have the figures of models, and they might not. If designers really think about the practical elements of the design, it will make the quality of the designer that much better as well. For the young people who want to be designers, I’d like to encourage you to try. This time, there were many entries by people who didn’t graduate from a design degree but are interested in design

and were brave enough to try their hand at it. It allowed them to gain new experiences and new knowledge. I would really like to encourage everyone who is interested to try. Thank you.”

The winner of the World Expo 2020 Costume Design Contest was Mr. Buddhananth Noppaguad, who received 2 return tickets to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, along with tickets to World Expo 2020 Dubai. The design also received the most “Likes” on Thailand Pavilion’s social media (Facebook and Instagram), also winning him the Social’s Choice prize of 5000 baht and a certificate of achievement.  

Mr. Buddhananth Noppaguad, a contestant from Chachoengsao Province, overall winner and winner of Social’s Choice for the competition said, “I graduated with a degree in fashion design. Even though, right now, I am working as a graphic designer, I still love designing clothes. When I found out that there was a costume design competition, I was really interested. I felt like it was a challenge, and a great opportunity for young designers to have a chance to work one something at the global level. The winner also gets to actually make the costume for the staff of a world class event. The inspiration for the design came from the Thailand Pavilion – specifically, from the flower garland, and also tells the story of the warm welcome you receive that is signified by the presentation of the flower garland. I connected this to the traditional Thai costumes of the Rama V era, which is unique in itself already, and already had a international Thai look. I used this as the base for further adjustments into something that was even more modern. I feel really happy that the design was able to win the competition, as well as the popularity prize. It’s also great encouragement for me to further develop this design into the real costumes for the Thailand Pavilion staff that they will be able to really wear for the World Expo 2020 Dubai. I’m very proud.”

We invite all Thai people to share the pride of being part of the greatest exhibition in the world, “World Expo 2020 Dubai”, which will be organised between 20th October 2020 – 10th April 2021 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. For more information, please visit or email and Facebook : EXPO2020DUBAITHAILAND