Innovation Machine

Throughout the history of the World Expo, several aspects of world achievement have been witnessed that enabled new inventions to be widely and commercially known.

Early World Expos were held in London, Paris, and United States of America. The exhibitions during that period were extraordinary manifestations of the age of machines and steam engines. Later, age of electricity led to hundreds of innovations such as the light bulb, telephones, sound recording, and sewing machines.

Additionally, it brought success in engineering and architectural fields as seen by Eiffel Tower – the tallest man-made structure for over 40 years, the Crystal Palace in London, and many wonderful palaces in the heart of Paris, which still inspire people today. World Expos also sparked architectural accomplishments like art nouveau, which became popular worldwide.

It’s a great chance for the public to share their experience and learn the history of how different countries have evolved in technologies, local wisdom, and cultural heritage.
Subsequently, commercial awareness was integrated into the World Expos to showcase the latest technologies in automobile, aircraft, and even rocket development. The themes of World Expo tended to focus more on “World of Tomorrow”, such as the first launch of television broadcasting, the steps in space exploration, and the atomic age. Then robotics became the outstanding theme of the following World Expos held in Japan in the 1970s and 1980s.

At present, the exhibitions emphasize innovations needed for current global challenges such as water management, the environment, renewable energy, urban life, and sustainable development.

Thailand on the Global Stage

The long Experience of Thailand in World Expos

Thailand has participated in World Expos 31 times. It first participated in 1862, during the reign of King Mongkut (Rama IV). Thailand was the third Asian country to join the event,

after China and Japan. Since then, Thailand has attended every World Expo in both Europe and North America. Thailand has thus been entered into the BIE’s list of member countries due to its exceptional and continuous participation.