MDES is ready to “exhibit the Thailand Pavilion” and to showcase the potential for digital technology to the world at World Expo 2020 Dubai, expecting over 1.7 million visitors.

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society is ready to exhibit the “Thailand Pavilion” at World Expo 2020 Dubai in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), from 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021, to showcase its potential for digital technology to the world. The Thailand Pavilion will be constructed under the concept of “Mobility for the Future” using a flower garland to represent a sincere welcome to more than 1.7 million visitors. Thailand has participated in this event for over 140 years, since King Rama IV. This event will reinforce a positive image of tourism, investment, and Thai exports.

(10 January 2019) Dr. Pichet Durongkaveroj, of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DE) declared that DE is honored to be the representative of Thailand to organize the exhibition at World Expo 2020 Dubai, UAE, for six months, from 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021. This exhibition aims to showcase Thailand’s potential for digital technology for worldwide recognition and promote a positive image under the policy of Thailand 4.1. Digital technology will be integrated to propel all dimensions of development, reduce disparity, provide opportunities, propel the country onto the international stage, and stimulate transformation into a fully digitized nation. This event will be a stage for Thailand to announce the potential for it to become the leader in digital technology in ASEAN.

“DE has been continuously planning all procedures for over three years to develop the theme, the design, the concept, and the construction to achieve our goals. Thailand’s exhibition will be held under the concept of “Mobility for the Future” to showcase the smarter and more effective drive of people, products, solutions, and digital connection. The Thailand Pavilion will propose the idea of the Digital Development of Thailand incorporated, with Thai uniqueness through its outstanding digital development. We are certain that the Thailand Pavilion will gain popularity among the more than 1.7 million visitors, or 7% of total visitors”, said Dr. Pichet.

World Expo 2020 Dubaiwill be the stage for Thailand to demonstrate its readiness in digital technology as well as the impressive images of the country, especially Thailand’s achievement to create seamless innovation based on its traditional resources and wisdom. Also, this will be a great opportunity for Thailand to illustrate its potential for business, investment and international trade related to digital technology, which will ensure foreign investment, create joint ventures, and establish an investment base in both the agricultural and industrial sectors of Thailand.

This event will also help promote tourism in Thailand, including various beautiful attractions. The concrete adoption of innovation and digital technology for tourism promotion will boost tourist confidence in Thailand being a safe and convenient destination. Moreover, this event will improve Thailand-UAE relations and other member countries.

Miss Atcharin Pattanapanchai, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, explained that the exhibition of World Expo 2020 Dubai will be managed under the main theme of “CONNECTING MINDS, CREATING THE FUTURE” to convey world development and inspire futire generations. The relationship between organizations and geography will also strengthened to serve the rapidly changing needs of the world. Innovation will be presented under three aspects: 1.Opportunity, 2.Mobility, and 3. Sustainability.

The exhibition concept of World Expo 2020 Dubai was adapted to meet global economic change, with the exhibition aiming to raise the awareness and knowledge of the local people in the exhibition area and neighboring countries,aiming to provide global, borderless economic opportunities through investment promotion and business partnering, consistent with the direction of the digital economy of Thailand and the policy of Thailand 4.0. To date, Thailand has attended World Expo 30 times in 140 years.

Dr.Nattapon Nimmanpatcharin, Director of the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), added that the Thailand Pavilion would be constructed in the Mobility Zone of 3,606 square meters or 2.25 rai, under the concept of “Mobility for the Future,” to represent the Thai way of building friendly relationships with a smile that impresses foreigners. Particularly, the uniqueness of the Thai smile suggests sincerity, which propels Thailand into being different and distinctive and helps connect Thailand to people’s mind worldwide.This is a significant part that links to and creates the future of Thailand.

“Gold” is used for the architectural design to depict a golden and abundant land, as well as civilization. This dominant color is applied to different fines to emphasize the significance of the pavilion. In addition, the “Wai” is widely known as the beautiful Thai greeting. Thus, the Thailand Pavilion will be built with human-like curves with palms pressed together. This will be a unique feature showing a warm welcome to the Thailand Pavilion.

Furthermore, the traditional “flower garland” was selected as a symbol of the Thailand Pavilion to demonstrate a sincere welcome. The details of the flower garland was applied to decorate the pavilion wall. The elements were arranged in accordance with the charming and unique patterns of a flower garland to create a remarkable physical appearance of the pavilion. The flower garland was fine-tuned using interwoven lines to represent the digital era and the relationships between the Thai people, culture, and lifestyle. The flower garland contains four bouquets to represent Thailand 4.0.  


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